Why do you need Caregiver to take care of the Elderly?

Why Caregivers?

Hiring caregivers in Malaysia is getting significantly popular as time goes by and has been for the past 6 years. This one-of-a-kind care is already a blooming preference in other countries such as America and Australia.

Let’s be brutally honest. No matter how much you fight with your parents, how much you argue- in the end, you still want the best for them and you want them to be happy. It is stated in the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association that depression is a very common occurrence in the elderly in the nursing home.

A few main reasons would be due to them being in a foreign and unfamiliar place, the feeling of abandonment and, of course, being away from their loved ones. So, why send your parents or grandparents to a nursing home when you are able to give them wholesome care in the comfort of their home?

For many years, maids have been the only option for in-house care for the elderly, young children and babies. Unfortunately, because they specialize in domestic household work, they do not have the proper knowledge or best-practiced skills to care for your loved ones properly.

1) Safety This is always a concern wherever and whenever. From driving a car, to cooking to even taking a walk in the park, you always think about safety. So why should you compromise safety when caring for your loved ones?

Caregivers are trained to assess the safety of the client’s surrounding environment, their own safety and of course the safety of those around them. Maids, however, are not taught to assess the client’s surrounding environment to ensure that accidents do not happen. For example, a caregiver will ensure that the bathroom is dry and not slippery before taking your grandmother in, whereas a maid may not think about doing that.

That is an example of a non-complicated situation. What happens when there are more factors which has to be taken to account, such as IV drips, or catheters and wheelchairs? Would you rather rely on a trained or untrained person to handle it safely?

2) Health & hygiene Hygiene is a basic necessity of every living human being. It is a known fact that poor hygiene can lead to all sorts of health problems including rashes, lice, infected wounds and infection in general. Body odour, bad breath, greasy hair, dirty and smelly clothes can lead to problems socialising as it inhibits a person to be able to give a good first impression.

Caregivers are responsible for the client’s hygiene as well as the hygiene of their surroundings. They are trained to clean and shower a client effectively and not miss any parts. They are also trained to look out for skin problems, keep their skin integrity intact, and ensure that their hands and feet are moisturised among many other things.

Maids, however, are not trained to do those things and very few would have sufficient knowledge from their past experiences. Nursing homes will not be able to supply that sort of care thoroughly as there are many other residents who require care. When a person is cleaned thoroughly and feels fresh, they will feel a lot more comfortable.

Furthermore, caregivers know how to move and reposition a bedridden client appropriately and comfortably. This is important as it prevents pressure injuries and promotes blood circulation.

3) Convenience There are many working adults who only require help with transferring and looking after their parents/ grandparents while they are away at work. With caregivers, they are able to choose the period of time whereby there is someone at home capable and trained to care for their loved ones. Clients are able to arrange when the caregiver arrives and leaves.

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