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What To Do When Elderly Start To Experience Difficulty In Moving ?

Prevent Them From Falling

Something that can be an easy and cost effective way to help them move around would be to get them a walker or a walking stick in order to assist them in moving around which can be bought or rented from many of the healthcare related stores. Another solution can be to make upgrades to their living quarters. An upgrade can be in the form of installing railings to the walls or stairs of the house as well as installing non-slip tiles for the floor of the house. This will help with preventing any of the elderly from falling by providing them with something for them to hold on to if they refuse to use the walker or walking stick especially during the night time when family members of theirs are fast asleep.

What To Do If They Fall

If an elderly suddenly falls down or encounters an accident, a quick test should be done to assess their condition. It is nothing very complicated because it only involves simple tasks such as sitting in a chair, get up and walk around followed by sitting back down on the chair. If the individual performs the task slower than 1 yard per second then they may be encountering some problems.

If the condition doesn’t get any better then, a doctor’s check-up should be arranged in order to get the status of the individual. In the event that the elderly individual needs constant weekly or daily check-ups at the doctor’s then they would probably need transportation to be able to head to the clinics or hospital.

Alternatively, home care could be arranged to relieve the pressure and the trouble to always send their elderly, for check-ups on a regular basis. If home care is not something that interests you then an elderly escort service could be called on to help with sending them.

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